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The Person Behind The Name

Hi, my name is Bing-Chuan, and I am the person behind the name. I have more than a decade of web design and development experience. My personal motto is “Making the Internet work for you one page at a time; with plenty of time and patients to nurture multiple web pages into a full-grown website!”

Currently, I hold a web master position with in the City University of New York. My daily tasks and duties includes, and does not limit to, web server management and everything else under this umbrella term.

I started Metasoph as an Internet-based e-marketing & public relations company with "the freemium ideals" in mind. My vision, to educate the masses about what the Internet has to really offer, and how to take advantage of the freemium e-marketing model.

Feel free to browse through our offered services and promotional web packages.

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