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At Metasoph, we are committed to developing comprehensive customs software solutions at an affordable price for the average Higher Educational user or department who has a limited budget; the software solutions are developed with emerging technologies in mind. We are able to offer a wide range of options and features. The solutions that we develop for you are web-based, user-friendly, and has high visibility.

We only use genuine Microsoft development tools and environments to develop our custom softwares and products. Yes, we compile our code for an extra layer of security. Our core components are developed and tested on the latest dotNET platform. Since we are using low cost and or standard Microsoft development tools and environments, we passed on the savings to you, our customers.

Please, feel free to browse through our Research & Development (R&D) section, to see what we are up to next, or you can submit an Idea to us to be considered as an R&D project; or you can request a 30 day trial license for our current product, EduQ, a professional development tool developed to help users manage their workshops.



The initial step of any good application has to have adequate means of collecting data; this is crucial to any product’s success.


Subsequently step two is just as important as step one, getting feedback from your target audience; a combination of scale-based metadata and comments will help employ a multi-dimensional picture.


Now that we have collected multiple channels of data, we can now aggregate them into meaningful bytes and categories for the system to consume.


With our customizable and powerful reporting tools, the system transforms the pre-categorized data into charts and graphs for your consumption ease.  At this point, you would have gained knowledge of what works and doesn’t work; and your target audience, they would have gained valuable information that will hopefully better their lives


This is our flagship product for professional development; it allows individual departments, or a user, to manage and deploy professional development courses within their establishment.

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Single User

Easy Installation & Cost effective


Easy Installation with user access management


Better performance with the support of a dedicated database server. Support for LDAP. Support User and Group access management.