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The products or product lines with in this section are either in active development or scheduled for development. Please feel free to broswe this section and its’ contents… and please do not hesitate to submit your own IDEAs below. 

The Goal to Success is in Four Steps!

The following are our four steps to success. These steps are ingrained into the products that we develop.


The initial step of any good application has to have adequate means of collecting data; this is crucial to any product’s success.


Subsequently step two is just as important as step one, getting feedback from your target audience; a combination of scale-based metadata and comments will help employ a multi-dimensional picture.


Now that we have collected multiple channels of data, we can now aggregate them into meaningful bytes and categories for the system to consume.


With our customizable and powerful reporting tools, the system transforms the pre-categorized data into charts and graphs for your consumption ease.  At this point, you would have gained knowledge of what works and doesn’t work; and your target audience, they would have gained valuable information that will hopefully better their lives.


AdvisorQ is a comprehensive management system developed for advisement and counseling; other extendable modules will include, but not limited to, disability, veterans, financial aid, fitness, academics, and other areas of corporate or higher education.


TutorQ is a comprehensive management system developed for tutoring centers and or other similar centers; with this system, you are able to track the progress of each tutor with feedback from the students they tutor. This system will also include timesheet management and support 3rd-party barcode hardware for easy check-in and check-out.


Don’t make your customers wait any longer then they have to and risk losing them

LineQ is a comprehensive line management system that makes managing multiple physical high volume lines effortless. The system will sport a responsive web-based interface, for high usability, and a queue indicator that can be displayed from a Digital Signage device.
For tracking users, the system will support web-based, SMS-based (cellular charges may apply), and by name.


A state of the art parking, web-based, application that allows anyone to manage and track parking spaces.

Supports for iOS and Andriod satellite scanning devices.


A web-base survey tool.

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